The New BIT ICS One Irrigation System Coming in 2014

New Residential Control System Will Integrate with Control4 Systems.
September 17, 2013

At the 2013 CEDIA show last month, Brilliant Integrated Technologies demonstrated their new ICS One system in the Control4 booth.

Julie Jacobsen of CEPro recently published an interview with Martin O’Loughlin, founder of BIT who commented: “It (ICS One) knows which zones have what kind of vegetation. The algorithms can take into account seven different types of vegetation.We tend to think in terms of two different types – grass and shrub –but the list keeps growing. ”

The new ICS One, slated to ship in 2014, is the first BIT irrigation control system designed for the residential market. And the first integrated irrigation module certified by Control4 for new or existing home automation systems.

The ICS One can communicate with centralized BIT servers which are constantly gathering real-time weather information and adding new features to optimize its use.
The system will not start an irrigation cycle when its raining, and may adjust the length of a cycle above a certain temperature threshold. In essence, BIT took the ingenuity, quality, and reliability you have come to expect from Control4 for whole-house automation, and extended it to the great outdoors.

The ICS One connects to the Control4 home controller and the Internet via the home wireless network. Although no official announcement has been made thus far by Control4, it appears Control4 Dealers will be able to purchase and install the ICS One as part of a residential smart home Control4 system.

    Key features include:

  • Water savings of up to 50%
  • Easy installation via wireless interface with Control4® Systems
  • Simple, intuitive system setup and operation
  • Advanced, efficient watering using real-time weather data
  • Automatic irrigation suspension during rain
  • Continuous monitoring and weather updates from BIT’s central servers
  • Personal monitoring and control from any web-enabled device