IP Surveillance Cameras Gaining Market Share

By 2014, Revenues from IP-based Surveillance Cameras/ NVRs are Expected to Outpace Analog-based CCTV equipment
August 9, 2013

InstallationBeing an ICRealtime Dealer since 2007 we've lived through the migration from analog CCTV systems to network based systems. Jason Knott of CEPro recenly published an article on a report from IMS Research entitled “The World Market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment”, where the key prediction was "revenue for network video will overtake revenue from analog CCTV equipment sales in 2014, but analog cameras are forecast to continue outselling network cameras in terms of shipments throughout the period to the year 2017."

Indeed makers of surveillance system equipment have been working hard to bring network based products to market the last 2 years. Vendors like ICRealtime have also been paying attention to the integration of their equipment with leading control system vendors like Crestron, Control4, Savant, and others.

IP cameras with PoE (power over ethernet) support are especially attractive for retrofit applications because access to cat5e wiring in an existing home is all you need to connect the cameras to the home network, where a network video recorder (NVR) will receive camera video frames via the network from each IP camera identified to the NVR. This also makes remote viewing of recorded camera clips a snap, simply by launching an internet browser on a PC.

The PoE connection eliminates the need to add electrical outlets in unusual places in your home to accomodate a power adapter connection to the camera. This reduces the labor involved to install the IP cameras, but also may require you to add a PoE network switch to your home system.

The main reason it is forecast to take until 2017 for unit shipments of IP cameras to overtake analog cameras is the current cost of network cameras is significantly higher than their analog counterparts. However, camera makers are expected to produce less expensive IP cameras as shipment volume increases over the next few years and economies of scale kick in.

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