Control4 Releases OS 2.7.1

Latest OS Release Supports New Products
June 1, 2015

Less than one month ago Control4 released an OS update version 2.7.1 to fix several bugs introduced in OS release 2.7, which provided support for new products including the new thermostat, new handheld remote 260, new 7" and 10" touchscreens, and an improved intercom system.

Control4's new ZigBee-based thermostat built by Aprilaire was debuted at the ISE 2015 Show earlier in February. The features of this new product were discussed in a
previous article.

Control4's OS 2.7.1 also supports an improved intercom system providing a fast, High-Definition Video Intercom capability in your home. This capability allows you to see who is at the front door, check in on a sleeping baby, or simply call everyone together for dinner, the Control4 Video Intercom makes it simple and convenient. Dramatically faster connection speed and HD video make it easy to immediately welcome guests at the front door. While full-screen picture and full frame rate video provide the visual clarity to monitor a sleeping baby or check in on children playing in another room. The intercom is included with every Control4 system, you need to add touch screens, and a door station to unlock this capability.

New fast touch screens are an intuitive and elegant dedicated interface to any Smart Home. Browse a music library with a simple swipe, display bold cover art, and easily personalize a lighting scene on these larger touch screens that complement the beauty of any home.

These beautiful new touch screens are dramatically faster than previous models and have 2x the screen resolution! Each model has a built-in camera, high-quality speakers and microphone. As you might expect from a touch screen, these new devices support intuitive gestures across many parts of Control4 Navigator.

The new in-wall touch screens are available in 7" and 10" models will complement any home, while providing a fast and responsive interface. Available in black or white, you may want them in more than one room!

The remote everyone loves just got better. The new Control4 SR-260 remote is the perfect hand-held interface for the home and is now more intuitive, more customizable and remarkably faster.

Customers all over the world love the Control4 remote, and the new SR-260 makes it even easier for homeowners to use the remote in their own language. The new list navigator can be shown in 20 languages.

The SR-260 comes in two models with English or Iconographic buttons. Transport buttons that have been rearranged to give users a more intuitive, one-handed experience. New custom buttons along the top of the remote can be programmed for any event or activity throughout the home.

List navigator has been improved to be more consistent and intuitive. The crisp, bright screen can be personalized with an array of colors. You can even customize the colors independently for each room.

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