New HomeSeer Tabletop Touch Screen

Touch Screen Adds User Interface to HomeTroller Zee.
Updated March 13, 2014

HomeSeer recently announced the WFTT07 WiFi Tabletop Touchscreen, adding an Apps-based interface to front-end the new HomeTroller Zee stand-alone controller.

The WFTT07 is a 7" tabletop touchscreen for use with HSTouch and Android apps. The unit includes a responsive capacitive touch display and impressive stereo sound quality.
In addition to the available HomeSeer apps, the WFTT07 is compatible with a wide variety of Android apps. Making the WFTT07 just another Android tablet device when not controlling HomeSeer.

The WFTT07 uses your home Wi-Fi network to communicate with the HomeSeer software running on the HomeTroller Zee. All you will need to do is install the HSTouch Server plug-in to connect the WFTT07 to your HomeSeer system.

    Additional WFTT07 features include:

  • Android "Ice Cream Sandwich" OS
  • Automatically Boots to HSTouch
  • Built-in Battery
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • High Contrast, High Luminance Display
  • Includes SD Card Slot

For more details on the WFTT07 click here.