About Us

About the Founder

Since 2004, Joe Lombardi, the Founder of JCL Automation LLC has focused on identifying appropriate technology and designing complete smart home solutions and other practical solutions for home sub-system automation, including complete entertainment centers.

He also has 34 years experience in Software and Systems Engineering, Consulting, and Management. Where he spent 22 years at the NonStop Enterprise Division of Hewlett Packard (formerly Tandem Computers) and held various Director-level positions in Performance Services, ServerNet OEM Support, Corporate Quality Initiatives, and Worldwide Partner Support. Those assignments were preceded by a number of management roles in the US Sales Division of Tandem Computers.

Earlier Joe held several systems and software engineering positions at Midec Inc.,
Westinghouse Electric, US Steel Research, and Bell Telephone Laboratories.

After working on content for a year, in 2008 Joe launched HomeAutomationInfo.com because he saw a crying need for a quality reference site for those seeking information about home automation or "smart home" technology, products, dealers, and companies.

While Joe authors the site blog ongoingly, he wrote the Home Automation Primer prior to launching this site. He has also tried to encourage other HA Dealers to submit reviews to our site.

If you have suggestions for other content you would like to see on this site please don't hestitate to contact us.