2010 BLOG Articles

A teaser list of new articles are presented below in reverse chronological order.

Retrofit Energy Management Controls in Your Home

Reduces Energy Cost and Adds Convenience
December 1, 2010

JCL Automation recently purchased an existing property to use as a demo home and office. Having previous experience with demo homes this time they decided to focus on energy savings.


Control4 Announces the iPad-like InfinityEdge

This New Touchscreen Has Advantages Over the iPad
August 27, 2010

As we previously wrote, Control4 has fully embraced the iPad, but is competing with the new InfinityEdge touch screens.


Triad DesignerSeries Hides Speakers

In-Wall, In-Ceiling Speakers Are Invisible!
August 12, 2010

The new DesignerSeries from Triad are the first truly invisible speakers. The product line is the perfect solution for applications that require great sound, but speakers can't be seen…not even the inwall grills!


Power Protection Can Save Your Day

Lightning can devastate your Entertainment System.
August 2, 2010

It seems across the country we're all experiencing more violent storms than ever before. Whether you believe it's the effect of global warming or not, if you have mucho $$ invested in an Entertainment System you don't want those components to end up looking like the photo at left!


Control4's OS 2.0 Is Here!

Control4 Strives To Be the OS of Choice for Smart Homes With 2.0
July 12, 2010

Control4, the second most used home automation manufacturer among top custom installers, announced the release of OS 2.0 in the first half of 2010 at the CES show in January.


GE Deploys ZigBee In New Appliances

GE products to communicate with Smart Power Meters.
May 25, 2010

GE Appliances & Lighting will introduce major appliances with built-in ZigBee technology for communication with smart meters and the smart grid.


Control4's iPad App Takes Advantage of the Larger Screen

Their iPad App Was Designed Completely From Scratch
May 4, 2010

As we suspected, after discontinuing their 10.5" touchscreen, Control4 has fully embraced the iPad by offering new software that takes advantage of the 9.7" screen size.


Buyer Tips for LED Lighting

8 Things to Know About LED Lighting
March 11, 2010

Two years ago we touted the energy savings available just by dimming your incandescent lighting. Now the emphasis is installing energy efficient lighting from day one.


Will Apple’s iPad Impact Custom Electronics?

It Will Likely Impact Proprietary Touch Screens
February 9, 2010

Many didn’t think the iPod would impact the custom electronics industry, but it altered the way multiple generations find and listen to music. Some Custom Installers have followed suit, using iPods or iPhones as epicenters of their multiroom audio/video systems.


Best 3 Products of CES 2010 Show

3 Cool Products You Shoud Know About
January 25, 2010

The ZaggBox can act as your digital media center and is loaded with an HDMI output and lots of inputs: three component, two composite video/S-Video, five USB 2.0, and 8-in-1 Multi ready (SD, Xd, MMC) SD card reader.


Control4's OS 2.0 Coming In 2010

Control4's Strategy Is To Be the OS of Choice for Smart Homes
January 15, 2010

Control4, the second most used home automation manufacturer among top custom installers, expects to release OS 2.0 in the first half of 2010 according to company representatives at the CES show last week.