2011 BLOG Articles

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Are Streaming Music Services All the Same?

No, You Need To Understand the Features of Each Service.
November 30, 2011

Online music streaming is a major category of cloud-based media services. But, there are many different models.


Home Automation From the Cloud?

Could a Virtual Home Controller in the Cloud Have Mass Market Appeal?
October 31, 2011

A well-designed Home Controller Server running on the appropriate hardware in the cloud is certainly familiar technology to computer hardware and software engineers.


Having Coverage Problems With Your Wireless Network?

The Luxul Xen XAP-1020 802.11n Wireless Access Point Could Be Your Solution.
October 18, 2011

A significant whole-house automation system may include several 802.11b/g WiFi devices.


Is Your iPad the Only User Control Device You Need?

Some Homeowners Only Want to Use Their iPads
September 21, 2011

Last year our blog included an article describing Control4's iPad App. Some of our recent customers insist on only using the iPad to control their system.


Control4 Can Now Integrate with a Z-Wave Network

New Driver from Extra Vegetables Enables Complete Integration of 500+ Z-Wave Devices.
September 2, 2011

Extra Vegetables (EV), a UK software company specializing in Control4 Drivers, announced to Control4 Dealers today the availability of a Driver for the Vera 2 home controller from Mi Casa Verde.


The End of X10 USA Coming

Home automation pioneer will no longer make powerline-based X10 products.
August 25, 2011

For those of us who cut our teeth installing X10 products in our homes in the '80s and '90s its been nice to know you could always fall back to this pioneering technology when your current favorite wireless technology did not offer a solution.


Control4 Releases OS 2.1 to Dealers

The OS 2.1 Release Delivers New Firmware for Control4 Devices
June 13, 2011

Control4 released OS 2.1 to Dealers last week .This release improves the quality and feature set of the operating system.


Russound to Offer DMS 3.1 Streamer

The Unit Delivers up to Three Simultaneous Stereo Digital Audio Streams for Multiroom Audio Distribution.
April 27, 2011

InstallationSince acquiring Colorado vNet in October, 2009 Russound has sorted out the internal structure and is readying a slate of products based on streaming content.


HAI Plans All-ZigBee System for Energy Management

Standalone ZigBee energy management solution will not require a separate HAI system.
April 19, 2011

InstallationHome Automation Inc. is finally shipping its ZigBee-enabled Omni2 thermostat and the company plans to create a complete ecosystem based on the ZigBee Pro Smart Energy Profile.


Savant SmartSystems Replace Rosie, Protege

Solutions Include an iTunes-based Digital Media Server, and Lighting, Climate, and Security Controls.
April 11, 2011

Installation Savant‘s Rosie and Protege platforms are about to become history. Savant has released a new line of audio/video products, SmartSystems, replacing the existing Rosie and Protege control offerings.


Replace Your DVDs with a Movie Server

Consider the Studio Movie Server from Fusion Research
March 30, 2011

A Blu-Ray Disc Changer may be a great device for someone with a large and growing private Blu-Ray Disc collection. But if you own some of your favorite all-time movies on DVD and frequently rent new releases, a Movie Server may be an even greater device for you.


Diagnose Power Grid Problems in Your Home

3 Products From Innovolt You Shoud Know About
March 21, 2011

If you've had a modem reset itself every so often, a DVR that locks up, or a TV that flickers every time the AC kicks on? Innovolt products may be the solution you need to uncover problems in the power grid serving your home.


Planning for Your Smart Home

Develop Your Smart Home Requirements List
March 14, 2011

InstallationPlanning for home automation when building a new home remains the optimum opportunity to install the technology of your choice and save on infrastructure costs.


Add Web TV to your Wake-up Call

Archos has revealed its Internet version of the Radio Alarm Clock!
March 7, 2011

If you've alreay switched from cable or satellite to web TV or at least been exploring the possibility, you'll soon be able to wake-up to your favorite web TV channel or internet radio station.


Just Hide Your TV in the Mirror!

Innovative Technology Allows the Television to Hide in Plain Sight.
February 11, 2011

Ever really want to mount a 65-inch flat panel TV on your wall over the fireplace, but the lady of the house just wouldn't have it? Well now there is a solution from Seura that may satisfy you both!


Control4 Brings Smart Grid to Homes

NV Energy will equip Homes with Control4 Energy Management Systems.
February 3, 2011

Control4 has announced NV Energy in Nevada will roll out energy management systems based on its EMS 100 platform. This milestone represents the "go to market" culmination of a product development effort launched in mid-2009 with venture capital funding.


Best 3 Products of CES 2011 Show

3 New Products You Shoud Know About
January 25, 2011

2011 could be the year many more folks take a serious look at Internet TV as a viable option to traditional cable or satellite set top boxes.


Furniture for your Home Entertainment Center

The Entertainment Center Purpose Will Suggest Certain Furniture
January 19, 2011

A home entertainment center is supposed to offer an affordable way of recreating the cinematic experience in your own home.


Control4 Announces MyHome

This New Software License Extends to PC/Laptops
January 11, 2011

At CES last week Control4 announced MyHome, a family of software apps that allows consumers to access and control lighting, temperature, music, movies, energy, security and more from a wide range of devices in Control4-enabled homes.