Home Automation Buyers Guide

Buying Decisions
Our home automation buyers guide is segmented by home sub-system. The intent of this guide is to identify the key buying decisions for products or solutions in each sub-system. And to provide information to help you determine which product features are important and a "must have" for you, as opposed to being optional "nice to have" features, but not essential for your lifestyle.

We understand there are other important factors that will affect your buying decisions such as equipment and installation cost, product reliability, and manufacturer warranty and support. With the exception of equipment cost, these factors are covered for certain products in our product reviews section.

You can read our buyers guide in sequence, much as you would a book, by using the links below to navigate to the next sub-system. Or you can dive into sections of particular interest by using the Buyers Guide Menu at the top left of this page.

However as you navigate through the buyers guide, please don't hestitate to provide us with feedback on the usefulness and depth of the material.