Spotlight On Control4

Salt Lake City, UT

Control4 was the first home automation company to develop a complete product line featuring ZigBee to transmit control information using RF communication between devices in the system.

Control4's ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4) wireless devices include in-wall switches and dimmers, outlet switches and dimmers, 2-, 3-, & 6 button keypads, system handheld remotes, thermostat, and I/O extender. All Home Controller models are capable of functioning as the ZigBee Server in the system configuration.

Control4 also makes use of wired and wireless Ethernet communications for an architecture completely based on standard communications protocols. In addition to the Home Controllers, Control4 also provides 5" & 7" Touch Screens with in wall-mounted or table-top enclosures with an intercom option, 7" Touch Screens with an imbedded camera, 4 & 8 Zone Multi-Channel Amplifiers, 16 port Audio Matrix Switch, Dock for iPod, Speaker Point, Wireless Music Bridge and Multi-Tuner w/XM option, all using Ethernet for for control and digital audio streaming. The 4Sight service allows homeowners to remotely control all non-entertainment devices over the web or 3G/4G networks. The MyHome site license included with the HC-250 and HC-800 Home Controllers allows iPhone/iPad/PC/Android devices to control the system with the same on-screen navigator interface available on TVs and Touch Screens. The TuneIn Internet radio service is also included with the home controller giving you access to over 70,000 radio station worldwide. The 4Store capability is an iTunes-like app store providing additional features at varying price points.

The end result is a product line enabling Dealers to configure home entertainment and automation systems starting around $1k installed up $50k depending on the degree of automation desired. The top end of the range would represent a 4000-5000 sq ft complete smart home with HDMI video and stereo audio distribution throughout, a 200-400 Blu-Ray DVD changer, all lights and thermostats automated, some level of automated window coverings and a home digital media server.

Company Information
Company Website In
Product Lines US Installed Base Installed System Price Sales Model 2003 Control4
>100k $1k-$50k Dealer
Product Characteristics
Windows Media Center # 3rd Party
# Keypads # Touch Screens PC-based? iPhone App?
Supported >100 >1-4 5-10 No Native
Sub-Systems Sold
Lighting/Climate Servers Intercoms Multiroom
Yes/Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

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Last Updated: 6/5/2013