Spotlight On Cortexa

Cortexa™ Automation
Austin, TX

Cortexa systems allow you to manage your home to match your lifestyle. The system enables access to your home securely via iPhone, Internet, Touch Screen, or TV. Cortexa believes it offers a high-end system at a low-end price. Their system is now available to trained SmartHome Dealers to add to their offerings, as well as homeowners who want to try the DIY route via the SmartHome online store.

Cortexa’s capability to simply and intelligently manage off-the-shelf residential subsystems using pre-configured and user-defined events positions it as one of the most flexible and easy-to-use home automation controllers available today. The Cortexa Controller is based on the Windows Media Center software, and utilizes broad multi-media management, web access, and intuitive setup and operation to provide users easy access to monitor and manage the operation of their intelligent home.

Cortexa offers a complete range of subsystem support to collaboratively manage the entire residential environment. Supported subsystems include lighting, climate control, whole home audio and video entertainment, motorized shades and curtains, security, video cameras, irrigation systems, pools and spas, garage doors, and automatic gates. For a complete list of supported sub-systems click here.

Company Information
Company Website In
Product Lines US Installed Base Installed System Price Sales Model 2005 Cortexa >100k <$5k Dealer
Product Characteristics
Windows Media Center # 3rd Party
# Keypads # Touch Screens PC-based? iPhone App?
Integral 15-50 0 1-4 Yes Native
Sub-Systems Sold
Lighting/Climate Servers Intercoms Multiroom
No/No Yes No No No No

Last Updated: 4/19/2010