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Eaton Corporation

The Home Heartbeat System is a new and innovative way to increase your home awareness by giving you vital information about the essential systems in your home.

The Home Heartbeat is a ZigBee-based "home awareness" system that monitors the home and text-messages the homeowner when events occur. The Home Key handheld display device is used for programming, monitoring and controlling the home. The system monitors flood sensors, controls security and lighting, and it can operate other devices.

Home Heartbeat is a network of wireless sensors that monitor and report the status of up to 30 sensors in the home. The sensors relay status information to the Home Heartbeat Base Station, which then relays the information to you. You can choose how you want to receive information from the Base Station, either as Alerts on a cell phone or as Real-time Status, via a broadband connection.

Company Information
Company Website In
Product Lines US Installed Base Installed System Price Sales Model 2005 Home Heartbeat -na- <$5k Dealer
Product Characteristics
Windows Media Center # 3rd Party
# Keypads # Touch Screens PC-based? iPhone App?
Non-Factor <15 1 0 No Future
Sub-Systems Sold
Lighting/Climate Servers Intercoms Multiroom
No/Yes No No No No Yes