Spotlight On ELK Products

ELK Products, Inc.
Hildebran , NC

ELK M1 Gold systems mange security, access, lighting, climate, surveillance cameras, and schedules automation of virtually anything electrical in the home. User interfaces include remote control, telephone, touchscreen, web browser, iPhone, and Blackberry.

The M1 Gold and the new M1EZ8 offer a solid security foundation with the most imaginative automation functionality available. Key features common to both systems include the versatile keypad, flash memory firmware, fast PC programming, and ease of installation. Both systems offer the flexibility to integrate with industry standard systems and components for easy upgrades and system expansion. To view a comparison chart of the M1 Gold and M1EZ8 systems click here. .

ELK interfaces with a long list of 3rd-party systems for lighting, climate, camera, and entertainment sub-systems. To view the complete list click here.

Company Information
Company Website In
Product Lines US Installed Base Installed System Price Sales Model 1999 M1 Gold
25k-100k <$5k Dealer
Product Characteristics
Windows Media Center # 3rd Party
# Keypads # Touch Screens PC-based? iPhone App?
Supported 15-50 5-10 1-4 No Web app
Sub-Systems Sold
Lighting/Climate Servers Intercoms Multiroom
No/No No No No No Yes

Last Updated: 4/19/2010