Spotlight On Logitech

Fremont, CA

Logitech offers an array of universal remotes for your entertainment center you can setup and configure on your home PC.

The Logitech Harmony family of Universal Remotes includes the following models:

  • Harmony® 1100 - Powerful control through a customizable, 3.5-inch full-color touch screen. $499.99
  • Harmony® 1000 Advanced Universal Remote - Touch-screen color LCD remote that works with up to 15 devices. $499.99
  • Harmony® 890 Advanced Universal Remote - Rechargeable one-touch remote that controls up to 15 devices—even without line of sight. $349.99 (see product review)
  • Harmony® 880 Advanced Universal Remote - Rechargeable color LCD one-touch remote that works with up to 15 devices, including DVR (TiVO). $249.99 (see product review)
  • Harmony® One Advanced Universal Remote - One-touch simplicity for your home entertainment. $249.99
  • Harmony® 670 Advanced Universal Remote - One-touch remote made especially to work with DVR (TiVO), plus up to 14 other devices. $149.99
  • Harmony® 550 Advanced Universal Remote - One-touch advanced remote with LCD that works with up to 15 devices. $129.99
  • Harmony® 510 Advanced Universal Remote - One-touch remote with LCD screen. Controls up to 5 devices. $99.99
  • Harmony® Advanced Universal Remote for Xbox 360® - One-touch control of Xbox 360® and up to 11 other home entertainment devices. $99.99
  • Harmony® RF Wireless Extender - Extends use of Harmony 890 and 1000 remotes without line of sight. $99.99

While Logitech has tried to make the Harmony software straightforward to use for the average person via a Q&A approach, if you don't have a good basic understanding of the A/V devices in your entertainment center we recommend you find a local installer familiar with the Harmony products.

For more details on the above models click here.

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