Spotlight On Promixis

Santa Barbara, CA

NetRemote from Promixis is the ultimate in 2-way remote control using your Pocket PC or any Windows computer.

Girder is a Windows automation application that can control lighting systems, security systems or virtually any consumer electronics device that comunicates via IR, serial and IP protocols. NetRemote is a low-cost two-way remote control using your Pocket PC or any Windows computer.

Here are the key features of NetRemote:

  • Browse your music from iTunes, Windows Media Center, Winamp or JRiver Media Center by artist, genre, playlist, title or even by album cover, adjust the volume, and let the music play.
  • NetRemote in combination with Girder and a USB-UIRT or a NetRemote and a Global Caché will allow you to control your home theatre.
  • Using NetRemote and your favorite media player, control your A/V presentations, slideshows, and digital video using your PocketPC.
  • For home automation NetRemote allows 2-way communication with any TCP/IP device and can control serial and IR devices directly using the Global Caché device.
  • Display data from a wide variety of sources including weather and TV channel listings.

Company Information
Company Website In
Product Lines US Installed Base Installed System Price Sales Model 2004 NetRemote
25k-100k <$5k Retail
Product Characteristics
Windows Media Center # 3rd Party
# Keypads # Touch Screens PC-based? iPhone App?
Supported 15-50 0 0 Yes Web app
Sub-Systems Sold
Lighting/Climate Servers Intercoms Multiroom
No/No No No No No No

Last Updated: 4/19/2010