Home Automation Software Companies

HomeSeer Technologies
Bedford, NH

HomeSeer HS2 and HSPRO software supports a wide variety of user interfaces and 3rd party automation products. Choose from in-wall button controllers, touchscreens, wireless remotes, microphones, PDAs, PocketPCs, telephones (voice and touch-tone control) and personal computers.

Charmed Quark Systems Ltd.

The Charmed Quark Controller (CQC) is a software application running on a Windows PC providing the ability to automate the control of home sub-systems and manage media distribution.

Cinemar Solutions, Inc.
Kenosha, WI

Cinemar offers affordable home automation and media management solutions to dealers and homeowners.

Embedded Automation

mControl is software for your digital home that enables you from a Media Center PC, via Internet Explorer or through your Windows Mobile device, to control all aspects of your home with a touch of a button.

Home Automated Living

HAL allows you to use a web browser to log on to your home and control lights, appliances, audio, video, security or thermostat settings.

Santa Barbara, CA

NetRemote from Promixis is the ultimate in 2-way remote control using your Pocket PC or any Windows computer.

New York, NY

Stardraw Control 2007 is the multi-award-winning, software-based, open architecture, universal control platform designed to create custom User Interfaces (UI) that can control any remotely-controlled or monitored hardware.

Advanced Quonset Technology Inc.
Quilcene, WA

The Home Control Assistant (HCA) is a Windows based program that works with a variety of automation interfaces to control lights and appliances in your home.