Control4 Acquires Card Access Product Line

Card Access Continues In Other Lines of Business
July 9, 2014

In a July 1st email to Dealers, Control4 announced its acquisition of the Card Access product line. The opening paragraph of that announcement reads as follows:

"In our continued dedication to grow the Control4 ecosystem, we have acquired the products and intellectual property related to Card Access Home Automation as of July 1, 2014. Over the years, Card Access has engineered and shipped a variety of great products that provide customers with the capability to wirelessly monitor or control virtually anything in their home with a Control4 system."

These great products include Zigbee-based motion sensors, contact sensors, contact relays, RF extenders, garage automation packages, keyfobs, and other similar devices that enable a Control4 system to provide security related functions.

With this acquisition Control4 takes over manufacturing, technical support and sales for the ZigBee devices, which were already being sold through Control4’s dealer portal.

The indirect benefit to the customer is the award-winning Control4 support team will be able to provide a more detailed level of support for the Card Access (CA) products because of their better understanding of the entire Control4 product line.

This eliminates a level of finger pointing a Dealer may have experienced with CA support in the past. Although, not a frequent occurrence, this finger pointing can extend the troubleshooting cycle by hours or even days lengthening the time until the homeowner has an installed system functioning 100% as advertised.