Comtrol4 Enhances Dealer Support for Lighting Solutions

Lighting Design Guide & Compatibility Data Base for Dealers
April 23, 2014

With the myriad of lighting devices now available to homeowners. designing the optimum lighting solution for any given home is not as straightforward as it used to be!

Control4 has made the design task less daunting with the announcement of the Lighting Design Service and the Lighting Fixture Compatibility Database for Dealers.

This new service is a web-based database that allows dealers to quickly search for third-party lighting fixtures and bulbs that have been tested and are compatible with Control4 Panelized and Wireless Lighting products. In addition, fixtures and bulbs that require verification can be submitted to Control4 for testing. By utilizing this database and service in the planning stages of every project, dealers can help ensure that their client proposals and system operation are accurate.

Note the Panelized Lighting products are popular for new home construction and commercial applications, while the Wireless Lighting products are great for retrofit home automation projects.

The Lighting Design Service is requested by the Dealer for a specific customer project and is free of charge to the Dealer. Who must prepare the requisite documentation of the lighting loads per room in the home or commercial establishment.

What documentation is required?

The following Construction/building plans are required in electronic form:
▪ Site plan—Show all exterior light fixtures, circuiting, switching and power service.
▪ Floor plans—Show all lighting branch circuiting, homeruns, circuit numbers, light fixture schedules, fixture types, panels, distribution boards, switching and junction boxes.
▪ One-line power riser diagram—The one-line diagram included with the submitted set is for general guidance only. The following items should be shown:
-all panels,
- distribution equipment,
- transformers,
- generators,
- feeders, etc.
▪ Indicate the voltage, phase, ampacity, fault current available, bus bracing and the interrupting capacity of the overcurrent devices for each distribution board and panel. All feeder sizes and overcurrent device trip ratings should be shown.
▪ Common areas of multi-dwelling units if those locations might be used in the design.
▪ The dealer should recommend the keypad locations. The Control4 Lighting System Design Team will check the locations and recommend changes, if necessary.
▪ Other drawings—Show all panel schedules and a symbol list.

Dealers are to identify any other special considerations that may affect the lighting design such as: generators, solar panels, window treatment motor loads, exhaust fans, landscape/exterior lighting, fountains, swimming pools, or guest houses.

What are the deliverables from Control4 for this service?

▪ A modified original lighting plan to include integration of Control4 lighting products.
▪ Recommendations for Control4 product types and physical installation locations of these products.
▪ Recommendations for third-party products and locations.
▪ An electronic (AutoCAD) document of the integrated lighting system design for use by the dealer, general contractor and architect.
▪ Modified load schedules and construction plans which integrate Control4 Panelized and Wireless Lighting systems.
▪ Control4 may make suggestions on light fixtures and routers/switch topology from their compatibility list.
▪ If necessary, a site observation can be requested for a fee.
▪ Retro-fit/remodel projects will require a site observation by the Control4 Lighting System Design Team before starting any new lighting control system.

This service will not provide:
▪ A photometric design or interior lighting/illumination design. We do not specify lighting loads, but we can verify/indicate which loads are compatible with Control4 lighting control products.
▪ AV systems design or specification. However, we do offer a Design Review Service for the system as a whole.
▪ Research into the luminaires, drivers or any alternatives to the designed and/or specified lighting fixtures for the project.