Control4 Announces New Media Distribution Products

New 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switch Fills a Gap in Product Line.
September 17, 2013

Recently Control4 announced four new A/V Distribution products plugging a gap and improving on existing products. The new 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switch at left fills a real need in video distribution.

The Control4® 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switch distributes eight HDMI sources to eight video display locations with full HD clarity. All video sources connect to the HDMI Matrix Switch in a central location, tucked away and out of sight. As an added benefit, wiring and clutter are reduced substantially with HDBaseT distribution of HD video, audio, Ethernet and control over a single Cat-5e/6 cable to each TV location.

An HDBaseT Receiver is available to convert the Cat5e/6 connection to a HDMI output for connection to the TV with an HDMI cable.

HDMI Matrix Switch features:
• Sends eight HDMI sources to any eight video displays in full HD clarity (up to 1080p)
• Centralized placement of video sources and control equipment reduces wiring and equipment clutter at each TV location
• Eight HDBaseT outputs transmit video, audio, Ethernet and control (IR & RS-232) over a single Cat-5e/6 cable up to 328 feet away
• Requires HDBaseT Receiver for Cat-5e/6 cable runs
• Two HDMI outputs for local video display connections with HDMI cables
• EDID management provides quick and reliable switching performance
• Zone-locking feature ensures maximum video and audio resolutions to zones such as home theaters and media rooms, regardless of equipment used in other areas of the home
• Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP) and Dealer EDID calibration tool simplifiy setup

Audio Distribution has been extended with new 100 Series 4 & 8 Zone Power Amplifiers.
Control4® 100 Series Power Amplifiers deliver high-quality audio to four or eight stereo zones. Regardless of the size of your home or project, you’ll enjoy lots of power for your multi-room audio system.

100 Series Power Amplifier features:
▪ The 4-Zone Power Amplifier lets you enjoy 45 watts of high-quality sound in up to four stereo speaker locations
▪ The 8-Zone Power Amplifier provides 30 watts of high-quality sound in up to eight stereo speaker locations
▪ Bridgeable outputs at each zone double wattage, providing more power for larger speakers or outdoor zones
▪ Energy saving design allows the amplifier to go into standby when not in use
▪ Automatic fault detection and system reset protects the amplifier and connected speakers from damage
▪ Rack mount kit included (3U Rack Height)

Control4 already offers 4 and 8-zone Audio Matrix Amplifiers which combine audio switching with audio signal amplification. These are considered "smart" amplifiers great for homes having 8 audio zones or less. The 100 Series Amplifiers will reduce the total system cost when more than 8 audio zones are needed.

Finally, Control4 has developed a new Audio Matrix Switch by improving on the existing 16 Channel Audio Switch which has been available for a number of years. The new Control4® Audio Matrix Switch enables up to 16 stereo audio sources to simultaneously play to 16 audio outputs. Each output zone can be enhanced with individual gain control, as well as independent bass and treble control. Ideal for use with Control4 100 Series Power Amplifiers when more than eight audio sources and/or audio output zones are required.

New Audio Matrix Switch features:
▪ Send up to 16 audio sources to as many as 16 audio zones for full multi-room music distribution
▪ Wide dynamic range for accurate lows and highs with quick response to dynamic audio passages
▪ Smooth volume ramping (1/2 db volume steps)
▪ Independent output gain, bass and treble control for each zone
▪ Independent input gain for each source provides consistent levels when switching between sources
▪ Audio sensing inputs provide control and feedback information to system
▪ Ethernet port for control
▪ Simple device discovery protocol (SDDP) for streamlined setup
▪ Rack mount ears included
▪ 2U Rack Height