Control4 OS 2.8.0 Release Provides Several New Features

Security Systems and Entertainment Integration Has Been Upgraded
October 19, 2015

Control4's new OS 2.8.0 software release adds new capabilities for Security Systems, Native Streaming from iOS devices, Home Occupation Recording, and User interface upgrades and options for music and movies.

Since 2006 Control4 has supported a few drivers for Security System integration.
Including one we installed in our first demonstration home for the HAI Omni II system.
These early drivers permitted a reasonable level of integration with the Control4 system, but all interactions with the security system had to be programmed by the dealer.

With the 2.8.0 release new drivers for the DSC IT-100, HAI Omni-IP, Napco, Concord Interlogic, and Honeywell Vista security systems are now available. Each driver provides a number of configuration options for tighter integration with the security panel and notification options. Also new is a home occupation driver called Mockupancy. This driver can be set to record events related to control of your lights, window coverings, and entertainment systems. These recordings can then be setup for playback when the security system is armed and the family is leaving the home for a few days or a long vacation.

Support for streaming music services has also been enhanced via built-in integration with Pandora for internet radio stations, Tidal for high fidelity and lossless music in uncompressed FLAC format, and Deezer for those with existing accounts.

If you have a personal collection of digital music in MP3 or other formats accessible to your Control4 home controller via a memory stick or network-attached storage. You are able to define playlists for various family members or types of music for playback. With this release your album covers can be viewed in grid format in addition to the list view previously available. The video presentation of the song being played has also been enhanced, but is similar to previous releases.

Note the new grid view is also used to show movies and TV shows when using the on-screen navigator or a smart device for controls.

Finally, Control4 has improved their integration with iOS devices by adding a feature called ShareBridge, which provides native support for airplay streams to the home controllers in the system. This level of iOS support previously required the Wireless Music Bridge in the configuration to playback music from your iPhone or iPad or iMac devices.