SnapAV, Control4 Integration Cuts Surveillance Costs

Savings as Much as 85% Lower for a 4-Camera Job
August 8, 2012

InstallationBeing a Control4 and ICRealtime Dealer we've been disappointed in the lack of integration of surveillance DVRs/Cameras with the Control4 system. Yes, we have created an IR driver for the ICRealtime Max4 DVR, but the preferred method of navigating the Max4 is a mouse plugged into a USB port on the Max4, not the handheld remote. This doesn't fly well from your family room couch!

The primary reason for the incompatibility with Control4 is because ICRealtime uses ActiveX to display camera video on browser interfaces. Control4, being a Linux-based system, has no ActiveX display capability. So, up until now we've only had Panasonic or Axis IP cameras to offer our customers, neither of which is an inexpensive product line.

SnapAV, a US Distributor of AV products, has cracked the code and written a certified Control4 network (IP-based) driver for its Wirepath DVRs. Combined with a recent software update that allows Wirepath Surveillance DVRs to stream video directly into the Control4 interface, these new certified drivers allow the cameras to be viewed on touchscreen interfaces (including iPhone/iPad/Android devices) as well as on TV screen and browser interfaces.

This gives us the option of using ICRealtime or SnapAV analog cameras with the Wirepath WPS-100-DVR-4CH ($599) instead of the Max4 DVR ($999). Our customer saves $400 and gets full integration with the Control4 system. Depending on camera selection, customer savings on the complete system could be up to 85% with a total SnapAV solution.

Which reminds me .... we need to add this solution to!