Amazon Fire TV IP Driver for Control4

2-Way Driver Works with Fire TV Box or Stick
February 3, 2015

Earlier this week Fusion Research issued a press release announcing the availability of a two-way IP driver for the Amazon Fire TV and Stick. Versions of the driver are available for Control4 as well as RTI and URC systems .

Per the press release, Amazon Fire TV is an exciting new product offering for access to an enormous amount of TV content. It's much more powerful than an Apple TV. But how do you control it? With a Bluetooth remote, the only IR options are poor, cobbled together solutions that aren't the sort of thing you'd want to put in your home.

The Fusion Research IP driver for Amazon Fire TV & Sticks is a great, robust driver offering all the benefits of stable IP control. Allowing you to have the homogeneous experience you expect when using your Control4 automation system..

For installers who have not worked with Fire TV before, Fusion offers a short video on their website explaining how to prep your Fire TV for IP control .