What is Home Automation?

house picture Home automation is arguably one of the most misunderstood subjects by the average homeowner. This site was specifically created to help de-mystify this topic by presenting bite-size jewels of information which can be digested in story book fashion or in reference book mode.

By understanding the benefits and applicable technologies available today you will have a greater appreciation of this topic and be able to form considered opinions regarding its applicability to you. If indeed you can grasp and relate to the lifestyle advantages available by deploying home automation systems in your home, this site will be an ongoing reference to help you make the product and vendor selections to meet your automation objectives now and in the future.

The following segments of this overview offer a definition of home automation to enable you to frame this topic, to know what it is and is not. From there we move on to identify the benefits available by installing this technology. And finally, this opening section wraps up with a discussion of the future direction of home automation to help you determine if the future of this industry is moving in a direction consistent with your needs for yourself and your family.