Installation Options

Installation There are basically two options for installing home automation solutions in your home, self-install and custom-install. The choice to install the solution yourself or engage with a custom installer may be dictated more so by the product line than your own capabilities to follow the installation instructions.

Self-Install Option

One of the advantages of legacy X10 lighting control solutions was the simplicity of installation. A very simple solution could be installed by anyone who could read the instructions and plug a device into a wall outlet. The more adventuresome having no inhibition to replacing a wall switch with an X10 switch or dimmer, could install a complete X10 lighting control system within the limits of X10 technology and products. Those with reasonable computer skills could also connect the appropriate interface module to their home PC and control the lighting solution with compatible software, as well as available handheld or desktop control units.

With the more recent advent of wireless lighting control products (e.g. ZWAVE or Insteon) the installation is about the same level of complexity with perhaps the addition of transceiver module placement in the home to establish a working wireless network. Not much different than installing a booster X10 module to boost signal strength when reliability was an issue.

Many have successfully installed a universal remote to control the A/V components in their entertainment center. More recent systems like the Harmony series from Logitech also allow the integration of ZWAVE lighting devices for control from the same handheld remote.

If you're also comfortable changing out your thermostat, Climate control can also be included in your self-installed solution via the use of X10, ZWAVE, WiFi, Insteon, or other thermostats that connect to a PC for remote user control.

Even security solutions employing wireless technology can be self-installed, as the wireless sensors eliminate the need to run a 2-conductor wiring connection to each sensor as in a traditional security system. These wireless security systems are typically self-contained but may include a PC interface or suport for X10 or wireless lighting devices.

The only real option you have for integrating any of the above sub-systems is via home automation software for your home PC. One such configuration is shown in our whole-house automation product lines segment.

Custom-Install Option

For those who have no handyman inclination whatsoever, any home automation solution can be installed for you. Online retail outlets for home automation products typically have registered installers you can contact independently for installation services.

If you want to experience the full benefits of whole-house automation or prefer the functionality and seamless operation available in a complete home automation product line, you will likely need to work with a Dealer to have a solution installed to meets your needs. Dealers are authorized by the manufacturer to sell and install their product lines after receiving the requisite product training and satisfying all other business requirements. While some manufacturers also work with retail distributors, many only sell home automation products through authorized dealers. So, even if your very handy and technical, your only option may be working with a custom integrator to get the home automation solution you desire.