Logitech Not Dumping the Harmony Remote?

After Just 5 Months Logitech Is Now Banking on the Harmony Hub.
June 25, 2013

Almost 5 months ago to the day, we wrote "Logitech Selling Harmony Division".

In a recent short piece by Grant Clauser of CEPro, he wrote: "Logitech has decided the Harmony remotes still have something in them and is expanding the line. According to a press statement, Logitech says the Harmony line has “gained momentum” after the introduction of the Harmony Ultimate remote". Both the Harmony Ultimate and Harmony Smart Control have Logitech’s Harmony Hub and support for the Harmony Smartphone App.

Logitech has followed the industry with the Hub product allowing homeowners to use existing smartphones rather than a separate universal remote. In this case its better to be popular than unique!

The Harmony Hub pictured at right is a flat tabletop unit that links with the free Harmony app on your smart phone to provide complete remote control capability for your entertainment center. The Hub includes 50 favorite channel icons and one-touch control.

This is a similar concept that has been previously adopted by major smart home vendors like Control4 with their MyHome app for iOS and Android devices. The app is free, but you need the hardware that recognizes the command stream over your WiFi home network to accomplish the requested function.

The Ultimate Hub will be available in August for $99.