Ovation Music Streamer Two Years Later

Ovation Music Streamer from Fusion Research Was Introduced at CEDIA 2012 Show.
August 1, 2014

Installation Two years after its introduction the Ovation Music Streamer is going strong.

We first introduced the Ovation Music Streamer (OMS) in a blog article 2 years ago. As CEDIA 2015 approaches the Ovation Streamer products now carry two-way drivers for 7 of the top home control systems, as well as over
two dozen streaming apps for music services including; Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, MOG, LastFM, Slacker, Shoutcast and others .with more planned in the future.

To top it off the OMS system has both local and International Internet radio stations which are categorized by country, region, and in some cases city. There are literally thousands of stations to choose from with a tremendous choice of genres and categories. If you have a large digital music collection, the top line model includes a 1 TB hard drive to house your personal tunes.

Fusion's line of multi-zone audio streamer products are built specifically for the custom residential market. Designed to be Squeezebox compatible, you can now take advantage of all the above features with a model that fits your exact need for whole-house music distribution.

Ovation streamers start at $499 for the single zone OMS Signature, $999 for the OMS1, which supports three analog zones, and tops out at $1799 for the OMS3, which supports up to five zones (four analog, one digital). The OMS3 features a fanless chassis with a 1TB hard drive and a CD drive for ripping music (FLAC and MP3 simultaneously). All units support 96kHz/24-bit HD digital audio playback and most of the major file formats including Apple lossy, Apple Lossless (AAC & ALAC), MP3, OGG Vorbis, WMA and FLAC. Note this system supports wired music zones only, with no wireless option at this time.