Review of DIRECTV HR22 HD Receiver & DVR

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DIRECTV HR22 HD Receiver & DVR

The DIRECTV HR22 HD Receiver & DVR delivers HD programming and recordings in 1080i.

Overall Rating: 7.7 out of 10

Entertainment Center Product Features

The HR22 HD Receiver & Digital Video Recorder (DVR) delivers original HD programming and recorded programs in 1080i format. This receiver supports HDMI, S-video, component and composite video, as well as digital optical, digital coaxial and stereo audio output connections. This is a dual tuner receiver allowing the recording of two programs at once, while watching a third recorded program. The package includes two B-Band Converter Modules enabling the reception of newer HD programming first available in 2007.

The HR22 handheld remote controls the viewing of all satellite programming plus the HD DVR functions. The remote, via the mode slider switch, can also be programmed to control a TV plus two other A/V devices such as DVD and VCR players. The red, green, yellow, and blue buttons on the remote perform context sensitive functions displayed on the TV screen providing various short cuts depending on the screen content.

As with older satellite receivers, the HR22 Receiver can connect to your phone line to facilitate ordering pay-per-view (PPV) programs from the on-screen guide. However, this receiver also has three ways to connect to your home data network: two RJ-45 Ethernet connections, a powerline connection for HomePlug or equivalent, and a built-in WiFi capability for a wireless connection. These options provide for Internet access to the receiver which enables the new Video-On-Demand (VOD) option from DIRECTV. VOD allows you to select both standard and PPV programs for download to the receiver. These programs then appear on the DVR list for viewing at any time until the viewing period expires.

Access to the home network also allows the HR22 to display digital photos on your TV and play digital music on your A/V receiver or TV. However, the source of these photos and/or music can only come from an Intel Viiv-based media/home theater server. So, unfortunately, people with home PCs having a non-Viiv processor will not be able to use this feature.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10

Ease of Installation

If you have a good understanding of satellite TV and are replacing an existing receiver with the HR22, it is possible to install this unit yourself by following the Guided Setup on-screen instructions. At a certain point you will have to call DIRECTV to activate the HR22 access card. Once activated and programming is showing on your TV, it's worth the time to view the video covering the use of the handheld remote.

If its a new installation including the dish and one or more receivers, plus running the RG6 coaxial cable, most people will want to opt for a professional installer. Of course your expereince with an installer will vary depending on the knowledge level of the person. But, this is not a phenomenon unique to DIRECTV.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10

Entertainment Center Product Reliability

The HR22, as is true of all satellite receivers, relies on a consistent satellite signal strength to deliver a quality picture day in and day out. Anyone who has subscribed to Satellite TV is aware signal strength can be adversely affected by weather conditions, tall trees or mountains, or other events in the stratosphere. Expect to periodically reset the HR22 to clear a temporary problem. Perhaps what's more disturbing is the meek 90 day warranty available from DIRECTV.

Rating: 6.0 out of 10