Review of Trane Wireless Thermostat

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Schlage Trane Wireless Thermostat

The Trane Wireless Thermostat is a Z-Wave device supported by HomeSeer PC software.

Overall Rating: 7.0 out of 10


The Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat is a Z-Wave-enabled device that can be added to a Schlage LiNK System, a HomeSeer PC configuration, or another established Z-Wave mesh network within your home. This Energy Star compliant thermostat can be accessed remotely from anywhere with any Internet enabled computer and most Internet enabled cell phones when part of a Schlage LiNK System, or a HomeSeer configuration.

It's possible to actively manage the energy use within your home and reduce energy consumption up to 15% with the energy savings schedule available with the LiNK System. However, specific events must be configured within HomeSeer to realize a similar savings. The manual functions available at the thermostat include the specification of ESM heating and cooling temperature setpoints and a 7-day snapshot usage bar graph shown on the LCD display.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10

Ease of Installation

This thermostat can be installed by a knowledgeable homeowner or a HVAC professional in addition to a custom integrator. This unit requires all wires in a standard 5-conductor thermostat cable from the HVAC system to be connected for gas and electric furnaces. In a new home the HVAC subcontractor can install this unit and test it's manual operation. In a retrofit the homeowner with an existing 4-wire connection to the old thermostat will likely have to connect the 24VAC common wire at the furnace before completing the connections to the Trane thermostat. That alone may be reason to call your local HVAC professional. But in any case adds considerably to the installation time for this product when doing it yourself.

A comprehensive installation guide is available from Schlage for this product, but you have to carefully read the outside of the box to obtain the URL where the guide can be downloaded.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10


This is a relatively new product we have installed in our demo home only. So, we have no real track record to suggest an expected longevity for this device. The manufacturer provides a one year warranty on this product. We also have not had a reason to contact Schlage technical support.

Perhaps a greater concern would be the reliability of your in-home Z-Wave mesh network. As with other wireless RF protocols, the more devices installed in the home the greater the reliability of Z-Wave signal transmission. In our experience the Trane thermostat was installed 37 feet from our PC running HomeSeer, out our office door and down a large room mounted in a hallway at a 90 degree angle off the large room. While all commands/messages initiated either from HomeSeer or the thermostat completed successfully, the PC software logged an error message every time the heating or cooling setpoint was changed, but not for other events. We suspected a software bug, but HomeSeer tech support insisted it was an indication of marginal signal reception at the thermostat. Most Z-Wave devices have a signal transmission distance of 50 feet. Our mesh network in this case consisted of 3 devices within a 40 foot walking distance.

Rating: 6.0 out of 10