Home Sub-Systems

Home Home automation technology is applicable to different areas of the home environment which all have an impact on the lifestyle experience available within the home. These areas from a systems point of view equate to sub-systems within a whole-house automation solution. We define these sub-systems as: entertainment centers, lighting systems, climate control, security systems, outdoor systems, and an important infrastructure element, the home data network.

The following pages present an explanation of the important requirements for full-function solutions for each of the above home automation sub-systems. These requirements are partitioned into core and optional areas. But, of course we do not pretend to have thought of all the special requirements a given family may have, but rather list the typical items considered by most people.

Note our product reviews are segmented by home sub-system and automation technology. So once you've decided which sub-systems are most important to you and identified the features (i.e. requirements) you desire, you can quickly find the products/solutions most likely to match your needs in our review section.