Home Automation Technology

technology Our view of home automation technology starts with the X10 signaling protocol, which hit the retail market circa 1980. Prior to X10, automation control systems were typically point-to-point hard-wired systems installed almost exclusively in very high end homes.

The home automation technologies available today still include X10 and hard-wired systems. But also include enhanced powerline (i.e. for home electrical circuits), ethernet, and wireless technologies. This segment explains each of these technologies and how they are typically used within a home automation system, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

In addition to providing enhanced performance, reliability, and functionality, the newer technologies bring whole-house automation into the realm of affordability for any home 2000 sq ft and up. Realistically, even an apartment dweller can take advantage of these products for high return solutions in any of the home subsystems discussed on this site.