TiVo DVRs Now Integrate With Control4 Systems

TiVo Announced at CES 2014 Two-way Integration with Control4 home automation.
January 13, 2014

At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show last week, TiVo demonstrated seamless integration with a Control4 home controller in their booth.

Per Julie Jacobsen of CEPro: "the DVR company announced at CES 2014 two-way integration with Control4, with plans to add other home control partners in the future, says Paul Malmquist, Director of Sales for TiVo".

The TiVo demonstration showed the new Roamio DVR being controlled by interface devices identified in the Control4 project definition file, including the Control4 handheld remote, both iPhone/iPad and an Android phone, and a Control4 Touch Screen w/Camera.

Two-way integration allows the above interfaces to display meta data resident on the Roamio DVR in a similar manner to using the TiVo handheld remote, in addition to managing the recorded content captured and resident on the DVR. There are 3 versions of the Roamio DVR. They can record 4-6 shows simultaneously, have hard drive space for 75 to 450 hours of programming, have built-in WiFi for wireless IP connectivity, and all support a digital cable connection.

Many Custom Integrators are adept at installing third party DVRs, and can usually run IP network cables to the TiVo location if hard-wired IP network access is not already available in the room where the Roamio DVR is being installed.

Makes those of us who are Control4 Dealers and cut our teeth on early TiVo DVR systems willing and ready to quote the Roamio DVR as part on an automated Entertainment Center or Home Theater solution.