Whole-House Automation

house picture Whole-house automation (WHA) is the ultimate application of home automation technology because it is an overall solution that encompasses all of the home sub-systems previous discussed. Namely, entertainment centers, lighting systems, climate control, security systems, outdoor controls, and home data networks.

By understanding the benefits and applicable architectures available today for whole-house automation you will have a greater appreciation of this topic and be able to form considered opinions regarding its applicability to you. If indeed you can grasp and relate to the lifestyle advantages available by deploying a whole-house automation system in your home, this site will be an ongoing reference to help you make the product and vendor selections to successfully implement a complete smart home.

The following segments of this overview identify the benefits available by installing WHA technology. Followed by a discussion of solution architectures for WHA. And finally, this section wraps up with a discussion of WHA product lines available today.